About us

Our Mission!

The energy transition and digitization are among the greatest challenges of our time. We take on both! As a young company, we have therefore made it our mission to revolutionize the way energy products are traded. Starting with our B2B marketplace for heating and fuels, we are developing further innovations around the trade and logistics of energy-related and sustainable products.

OnlineFuels – Your digital impulse!
What we stand for?

Startup Mindset

As a young team, flat hierarchies, team spirit & flexibility are very important to us. This combination enables us to work quickly and agile on new projects and to fully exploit the existing potential of the team.

Teamwork, respect & openness

We see ourselves as a central link to connect different market players online and to make interactions more efficient. In this way, we push the platform-idea further so that the entire industry can benefit from a value creation within our industry network.

Future-oriented solutions

Pursuing the objective of revolutionising the wholesale market, we rethink and redesign old processes and offer future-oriented solutions for our customers. Our platform is the starting point for further innovations around the trade and logistics of energy products.


Thanks to the high standards we set for ourselves, we stand for reliability and quality.
With our industry experience, open communication and trustful cooperation, we are a reliable partner for our customers.

The people behind OnlineFuels!

Marc Noy

Marc has many years of experience in different business sectors at Shell, such as finance and trading of fuels in the inland markets, during which time he was also a member of the IWO Austria Executive Board. Before joining OnlineFuels he was heading the Supply Chain Business Development department in Germany. As the CEO, Marc will be responsible for the daily business of the company.

La-Kahina Waldrich

La-Kahina has more than 11 years of experience in various business areas within the Marquard & Bahls Group. She got to know the wholesale market as an account manager at Mabanaft in London, where she was already involved in the introduction of an online platform. Most recently she worked as a trader at the Gasoline Desk in Hamburg. As Commercial Manager of OnlineFuels Germany, La-Kahina will work closely with our clients to successfully develop and implement the OnlineFuels Germany platform.

Johannes Gerdes

Johannes successfully completed his Master’s degree in International Management at the University of Bath at the end of 2018. In various internships, including one in Hong Kong, he has already gained valuable expertise in the fields of marketing and sales. Since February 2019 Johannes supports us as Operations Manager in the successful development and administration of our OnlineFuels Germany platform.

Sebastian Welzer

Sebastian is studying business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster and completed an internship with us as part of his bachelor thesis. Through various internships he already brings along some knowledge of our industry. Furthermore, he was able to gain experience in project management and consulting in the past. Since the end of his internship, he has been supporting us as a business analyst in business development with the further development of the OnlineFuels Germany platform.

Celina Wichers

Celina is studying media and communication science at the University of Hamburg and is completing a three-month internship with us as part of her studies. During this time, she will support us in the area of marketing and communication. During her studies she was already able to gain a lot of knowledge in this area, so she is now looking forward to applying this knowledge during her internship with us and gaining her first practical experience.

Marc Erdmann

Marc has many years of experience in the software development of marketplaces. This includes the setup and development of Freelancejunior as well as the further development of the cruise-travel marketplace Dreamlines. Most recently, he was responsible for the integration of different accounting softwares at fintech Spendesk. Since September 2021, Marc is responsible for the expansion and management of the Tech Team in Germany as Technical Lead.

Jan Schumann

Years before the term DevOps emerged, Jan developed a passion for the interplay between development and operation of software applications. For 25 years, he has been involved in topics related to software development, agile working methods and infrastructure automatization. He regularly shares his insights and experiences at national and international conferences. With his broad background knowledge, Jan will support us as an infrastructure expert in building complex software architectures.