Access the OnlineFuels platform free of charge.

The basic version of the OnlineFuels platform is free of charge and gives you access to the
most important functions such as the marketplace where you can place your orders.

The most important functionsof the basic version at a glance:

  • Marketplace with all offers
  • Your order history
  • Your personalized dashboard
  • Statistics around your orders
  • Manage your team

The platform is constantly being developed.

Constantly developing and improving the platform ensures that the basic version, as well as future premium versions will provide you with the best functions and tools.
Only once an order has been successfully completed via the platform, OnlineFuels will charge a quantity-based transaction fee on the seller side. Your feedback will help us to continuously improve our platform. Please share your experiences or suggestions with us any time by contacting us via e-mail or telephone.
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